Why join Russell IPM?

By joining Russell IPM, you will be a part of an organisation that has a strong focus on its people, providing a career path focused on individual as well as organisational growth.



Our recruitment process is focused on not only selecting the highest calibre of candidates, but also those who will thrive in our environment.


Listed below are details of the vacancies currently across our business.

Job vacancy: Marketing Coordinator
Role Profile:

Russell IPM is one of the leading manufacturers of insect pheromone based monitoring and control products for agriculture and pest control market. Our core expertise is semiochemical based pest management. Russell IPM translates science to innovative products by using pheromone, traps, biorational pesticides, other natural resources to deliver a safe, effective and environmentally friendly crop protection and public health pest control solutions for over 25 years. We have strong presence in the UK, Europe and rest of the world for pest control products. Currently we are exporting over 35 countries worldwide.

Skills & Experience

We are seeking a person to coordinate and to be responsible for the development, delivery and update of all printed and digital media including social media channels, to provide support to the sales and technical staff with marketing material to assist in their efforts to develop markets.

The role will include liaising with the external agencies and providers of services relating to communication and marketing.

We are looking for an independent person with strong motivation to progress and to be self-managed yet a good team player with good personal and written communication skills.

The applicant should be the holder of a university degree in Chemistry, the Life sciences or related fields. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English Language is essential.

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Position now filled: Application Developer
Role Profile:

You will be responsible for developing a dynamic insect/pest signature based recognition system. The aim is to implement this recognition technology in a power efficient embedded system that is connected to a Smart wireless network (IoT type). The solution will collect the pest data into a host server for further analysis/trends and alarm the users appropriately. The work will be carried out at the Russell IPM R&D Centre under the guidance of experienced company and academic supervisors.


Skills & Experience:

You should at least hold a master degree in computing/engineering in an area related to pattern recognition and/or embedded wireless systems. You must have a sound knowledge in mathematical methods, and must demonstrate strong research skills, fast-prototyping in Matlab, and programming skills in C++. Previous experience and knowledge in databases, web communication, wireless communication, image processing and/or information security will be advantageous. You should be enthusiastic about developing end-to-end solutions and solving their practical challenges/application.

You must be reliable, well-motivated and self-reliant, well organised and be able to work towards tight deadlines. You should be confident, willing to take own initiatives, be a positive thinker, a team player and an excellent communicator.

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Position now filled:Laboratory Supervisor/Formulation Chemist
Role Profile:

A job opportunity has arisen for a Laboratory Supervisor/Formulation Chemist as part of our quality control team of Russell IPM Ltd. We are a leading manufacturer of pheromone based insect monitoring and control systems in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.

  • Analysis of semiochemical, insect pheromone, volatile, non-volatile compounds using modern analytical techniques; GC-FID, GC-MS, and LC-MS.
  • Quality Control of semiochemical containing products.
  • Running, maintenance and developing methods on GC-MS and or LC-MS / MS analysis.
  • Processing and interpretation of analytical data and results for Quality control.
  • Maintain stocks of lab resources, equipment and consumables.
  • Support insect pheromone formulation development and supervise formulation laboratory staffs, manage their daily workload and delegate routine tasks as needed.
  • To maintain high quality documentation of all activities.
  • Prepare COSHH assessments in accordance with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Construct and control revisions of SDS for company products, to be contained in an accessible database.
  • Provide technical support to sales team, including cost of materials, sourcing of materials, trialing of new products/formulations.
  • Business development of pheromone systems, identifying areas for potential growth and recommending solutions.

Skills & Experience:

A requirement of a HND OR BSc and experience in industry for a minimum of 3 years. Have an in-depth scientific and technical understanding of chemistry test methods, analytical systems, formulation and risk assessment procedures. Experience developing and running, GC-FID, GC-MS and LC-MS analyses.Good experience of development of semiochemical formulation. You must possess extremely strong Leadership and communication skills; be highly enthusiastic and work well within a team.


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Queens Awards
As recognition of our outstanding achievements, Russell IPM has been granted the Queens’s Award for Enterprise:International trade 2011 and the Queens’s Award for Enterprise:Innovation, 2012.


countries world wide
We are an international company with marketing subsidiaries in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Bangladesh, plus distributors in many other countries.


Russell IPM has developed and worked with more than 150 insect pheromone lures and several biorational pesticides. With the in-house capacity of our R&D team to isolate and develop even more.

30 years in the business.